Make it Happen Weekend is a 54 hour experience designed for aspiring business owners to grow their idea into a viable business. If you are ready to make your startup happen, then come and get face-time with knowledgable advisors and real time feedback in an inspiring environment where you can Make it Happen!

Launch Your Idea

Create a big picture plan built on your passions, validate your ideas with customers, vet them with experts, and unleash the simplest version into the world all in one weekend!

Learn from an All Star Team

Sometimes you need to just ask someone who has done it before. Throughout the weekend experts and thought leaders will guide you through the process from idea to web launch.

Work in the Right Environment

We whisk you away for one whole weekend and put you in a productive environment, surrounded by people who care, in spaces that get the creative juices flowing.

Be More Creative

We help you develop the habits that make problem solving and creative shifting a cinch. We'll also give you tools that act as a compass, so you can easily correct course when needed.

Build Your Support Network

Ask questions and get feedback during two speed dating sessions with professionals in areas such as business consulting, legal, marketing, and more. Plus, leave with an accountability partner to help you through trials.

Have Fun

Sprinkled throughout the weekend are DJs playing the perfect mood music, activities that rejuvenate the mind and body, comedians to add some humor, social hours for building relationships, and more!

The Howhap Experience

All experiences are not created equal, this one could change your life (literally).

Finally determine if you have a good idea or not.

Find out if your idea has the potential to make you real money.

Make sure you will enjoy starting and running this business.

Confirm that experts & potential customers agree this idea is worth pursuing.

Make a plan to execute your idea.

Gain confidence that you can do this!

Why come to Make it Happen Weekend? Because you're still trying to make it happen and...

You are over your current job and want to start a business.

You want to create a business that you enjoy or is meaningful to you.

You want to start a business, but something is preventing you from starting.

You are looking for the best way to go about starting a business.

You want to start a business and are ready to take the first step.

You are working hard on your start-up idea, but not making as much progress as you would like.

Learn. Brainstorm. Get Feedback. Accomplish! Repeat.


A Snapshot of the Weekend

  • Attend an Overview / Keynote Talk. Share Your virgin Idea and where you are in the process (Optional). Social hour & form a feedback group for the weekend.
  • Design a big picture plan built on your strengths and passions. Dive deep into what problem your idea addresses to determine business viability. Create the trinity for your successful start-up. Refine your product or service offering, find a target customer that wants it and develop the most immediate revenue stream. Find customers and create questions that uncover their deepest pains and desires so you can create something they can’t resist. Find experts who can help vet your idea. Participate in a speed dating for business services session where you can ask questions and get feedback from business service consultants in areas such as web development, legal and marketing. Social hour to let loose and build relationships.
  • Communicate with real customers and experts to figure out if your idea will work. Learn to pivot or shift to create an even better idea than you originally dreamed up. Figure out the simplest version of your idea so you can create a website and start selling your idea for further validation. Participate in speed dating for businesses round 2. The goal this time is to meet business coaches, advisors and mentors. Mature idea showcase session to share how ideas have developed over the weekend. We encourage all attendees who like your idea to share it on social media right then and there. Find an accountability partner for ongoing support round robin. Closing weekend celebration ceremony.

Create a Plan Built on Your Passions

Examine how your business affects your happiness and create a big picture plan and 3 month timeline to get it right
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Evaluate Ideas, Get Feedback, Succeed Faster

Get real customer feedback and vet your ideas with experts
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Unleash your New Business Into the World

Figure out the simplest version of your idea, create a website and share it with the world
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Howhap is awesome! The exercises I learned were very useful and revealed many insights & marketing strategies that I wouldn’t have thought of.

- Eric Sung, Game Genie @ Claymoar

Insightful Start-up Marketing Strategies

Still trying to make it happen?

It’s time to validate your idea and get on the path to profits. Come Make It Happen because success is in the execution!

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